The past year has been a whirlwind. Republicans were predicted to fail at the Federal level – we won the White House, retained the Senate and the House, and took full control of our government for the first time in a decade. For our part, the Georgia Young Republicans helped contribute to that success by reelecting Johnny Isakson to the U.S. Senate and our commanding congressional majority here at home. Recently, GYR jumped in feet first and helped elect Karen Handel in the 6th Congressional District special election. As the nation watched, the best group of Young Republicans in the country demonstrated exactly why we are recognized by our peers as such.

We also had a tremendous impact locally. Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher won his election. GYR travelled to Savannah to help. State Representative Brian Strickland won a tough reelection fight, and GYR went to McDonough to canvass door to door on his behalf. Our Immediate Past Chairwoman Meagan Hanson is now State Representative for HD80, the only Republican to unseat a Democrat in the Georgia General Assembly.

However, success is not permanent. Yesterday is a cashed check. Our opposition on the left know they must work hard, and after a string of defeats across this State they are itching for a signature win. The Georgia Young Republicans refuse to let them take that opportunity.

This coming year is important. We must continue building our infrastructure as an organization. While the last two years has seen tremendous growth in terms of our media presence, we now have to take steps to create a permanent professional operation. We must also continue to spread that media influence far and wide through the various media channels available.

We cannot rest on the laurels of our past success. We hope you’ll continue to join us in the hard work it takes to make the Georgia Young Republicans and Georgia Republican Party the best in the nation.

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